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First ARMATA Project in Canada Nears Completion

By Mark Johanson

February, 14, 2019

The concrete structure will soon be completed on the Toronto redevelopment of CAMH (Center for Addiction and Mental Health). With such a noble cause to build for, Hardrock Forming, Stantec and PCL Constructors stepped up to the challenge and orchestrated this major construction project.   

A new product was used in the concrete structure: ARMATA shear rails. This article will take you through the benefits of using ARMATA, the project management performance of Peikko [supplier of ARMATA] and more details on the complexity of the project.

‘’ARMATA allowed for a slim floor structure with increased space for services within the specified floor to floor heights’’ says Terry Wilk, M.Eng., P.Eng., Principal at Stantec. ‘’We avoided most drops and capitals at the concrete columns while removing the need for additional shear reinforcement within the slab’’ adds Mr. Wilk. ARMATA is an innovative product which is used to resist punching shear forces in a concrete slab. Through its high strength material, ARMATA is less cumbersome than traditional methods and therefore reduces congestion around the critical area of a concrete column. The forged steel is assembled on a thin rail and installed onsite either on plastic spacers or hanging from the top slab rebar.

‘’We had a very positive experience working with ARMATA on the CAMH redevelopment’’ says Mark Cesana, partner at Hardrock Forming. ‘’The project management from Peikko was right on target’’ adds Mr. Cesana. The tight construction schedule was fully respected: with deliveries from mid-June to mid-November, Peikko made more than 25 shipments. Using ARMATA, Hardrock required only 10 minutes per column to install shear reinforcement.

Within 5 months, Peikko delivered 76 000 ARMATA studs. A total of 498 shop drawings were issued for approval with some ARMATA rails having 32 studs per rail, some studs over 16 inches long. In a nutshell, punching shear resistance was optimized on the CAMH project and Peikko delivered.

Stakeholders on the project:

Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)


Hardrock Forming

PCL Construction

Peikko Project Engineer: David Turgeon


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