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DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure for open spaces

DELTABEAM® Frame saves time and maximizes space utilization 

Single frame supplier to save time and effort

Traditionally, all the different frame components have been sourced from various suppliers, and the structural engineer and the constructor have been responsible for the overall design and compatibility of components. The same applies to keeping to the building schedule with timely deliveries.

When you source the entire frame from a single supplier, your project becomes easier to manage. The DELTABEAM® Frame consists of DELTABEAM® Composite Beams, Composite Columns, and other steel structures required for the building’s frame.

DELTABEAM® Frame Benefits:

  • One supplier for the entire frame
  • Tailored solution
  • Smooth design process
  • Light components that are easy to transport and fast to install
  • Standardized connection details
  • ULC Ratings for 1, 2, 3 & 4 hours

More space for your investment

By using DELTABEAM® Frame, you will get more floor area for a given building footprint.

A DELTABEAM® Frame maximises the space available in two ways. First of all, the floors are slim, meaning that you will get more room height or more floors for a given building height. Secondly, composite columns take up very little space. This translates into more floor area to sell or rent. 

A tailored frame solution

The DELTABEAM® Frame is formed by DELTABEAM® Composite Beams and Composite Columns, which are connected using standardized connections, and other steel structures required for the building’s frame. All the components work in perfect unison and are delivered on site exactly when needed.

Composite Columns are made of a hollow steel section with a rebar cage placed inside. The columns are filled with concrete on-site. Columns are available in square, rectangular, and circular format in standard profiles.  

Additional steel structures such as trusses, braces and various types of beam and column can be incorporated into the DELTABEAM® Frame delivery.

Peikko does the dimensioning and modeling of the frame components according to your specifications. Peikko can also work directly with your architect or structural designer.

Note that the DELTABEAM® Frame allows for BREEAM and LEED certifications. 

DELTABEAM® Frame in Luxembourg II & III Quebec City, Canada + Rouyn Noranda

The Luxenbourg projects are comprised of 148 apartment units, all built with Peikko Frame.

‘’Our primary objective with structure was to have a system that would go up quickly’’ explains Jean-Simon Généreux, Project Manager for Logisbourg. ‘’With the Peikko Frame, we were able to build at a rate of one floor (12 000 square feet) every 3 to 4 days’’ says Mr. Généreux. The installation sequence was as follows:

Day one: installation of Composite Columns, DELTABEAM® and precast shafts for the entire floor

Day two: installation of 6 000 square feet of hollow core slabs

Day three: installation of 6 000 square feet of hollow core slabs and grouting of the assembly

The subsequent floor can be installed immediately after the grouting of the floor is done.


Flexible Design

‘’Peikko solved many of our design challenges’’ explains Claude Fugère of Fugère architecte. ‘’Our first challenge was floor depth: we were limited in height and needed a shallow floor assembly. We worked with a 10’’ (250 mm) slab + beam assembly thanks to DELTABEAM®, with a typical bay size of 26’ x 36’ (8 m X 11 m).’’ The long spans allowed for 4 parking stalls between each column while the shallow assembly allowed for minimum building height.

‘’Another challenge was column size’’ says Mr. Fugère. ‘’We wanted the smallest, fire rated columns to minimize their impact on our interiors’’. Peikko Composite Columns varied in size from Ø 16” (400 mm) toØ 10” (250 mm), making them smaller than concrete columns or dry walled steel columns.

The developer, Logisbourg, has several other projects where Peikko Frame will also be used.

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