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GRIP Recess Plate — Ensuring a rough concrete surface in the joint

The GRIP Recess Plate is designed to be used in precast wall connections together with SUMO® Wall Shoes, creating a rough surface for improved shear transfer in the joint. It can be used for any application on a concrete surface where a roughened surface is required.

The GRIP Recess Plate is a recessed mold formed from a thin, profiled steel sheet to secure a rough concrete surface in the joint. With the GRIP Recess Plate, the surface of the concrete is considered to be rough in accordance with EN 1992-1-1 (section 6.2.5). The GRIP can be easily attached to the formwork using either nails or screws. Once the formwork is removed, an embossed surface will remain on the precast concrete surface.

The GRIP Recess Plate is a re-usable product which makes it more environmentally friendly. The GRIP Recess Plate has a standard length of 1.0 m and a width of 50 mm. It can be cut in place to the desired length.

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