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The Advantages of Using DELTABEAM® in Self Storage Projects: A Game-Changer for Multi-Story Facilities

October, 3, 2023

There is Currently a Growing Need for Innovative Solutions in Multi-Story Self-Storage Construction.

The self-storage industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by urbanization and the increasing need for extra space to store belongings. As multi-story self-storage projects become more common, construction methods need to evolve to meet the demands of these complex structures. For such projects, DELTABEAM® stands out as a revolutionary structural component with numerous advantages, particularly for buildings with large multi-story floor plates. In this blog post, we'll explore the significant benefits of using DELTABEAM® in self-storage facilities, including integrated fire resistance, faster project completion, high-capacity floors, and flexible space for future adaptability.

Integrated Fire Resistance: No Additional Fireproofing Required

Fire safety is a paramount concern in any multi-story building, and self-storage facilities are no exception. DELTABEAM® stands out as an excellent choice because of its integrated fire resistance properties. By eliminating the need for additional fireproofing measures, DELTABEAM® simplifies the construction process and ensures fire safety compliance.

Faster Project Completion: Prefabricated Structural Elements

Due to the prefabricated elements of DELTABEAM®, labor costs are reduced, and site disruptions and weather-related delays are minimized, thereby reducing overall project costs. By allowing self-storage facilities to open sooner, a higher return on investment is achieved.

High Capacity Floors: Support Loads of Over 100 PSF

It's important for self-storage facilities to be able to hold heavy loads, which DELTABEAM® excels at. These innovative beams can handle loads of over 100 pounds per square foot (PSF), making them suitable for storing a wide range of items, from household furniture to commercial inventory.

Flexible Space: Longer Spans Simplify Future Floor Reconfiguration

In today's dynamic self-storage market, owners often face the need to adapt to changing conditions and demands. DELTABEAM® holds a unique advantage in this regard due to its longer spans, offering flexibility in floor layout and making the reconfiguration of storage units or other spaces a straightforward process.

This flexibility not only future-proofs your self-storage facility but also allows you to make adjustments without the need for extensive structural modifications. Whether you aim to create larger units, add additional ones, or repurpose space for various purposes, DELTABEAM® simplifies the process.

Contact us today to find out how DELTABEAM® can elevate your self-storage project.

Christine Millar

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Peikko Canada Inc.

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