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Why Use DELTABEAM® For Self Storage Projects

October, 1, 2022

It is becoming more and more common in North America to use DELTABEAM® for self-storage projects because of its main advantages. 

Let's look at each of them in more detail:

Eliminates the need for spray-on fireproofing 

The removal of spray-on fireproofing allows other trades to access the site more quickly, which will in turn result in partition construction proceeding at a faster pace.

Long spans despite high live loads 

Even with high live loads, DELTABEAM® achieves long spans, resulting in fewer columns, greater unit flexibility, and more rental space.

Shallow assembly 

In self-storage projects, shallow assemblies are extremely beneficial for two reasons. In contrast to certain traditional structural products, DELTABEAM® allows buildings to be erected at a lower height to achieve an equal number of floors. Comparatively to certain traditional structural products, DELTABEAM® is also able to add floors for the same building height.

Quick and easy installation

The installation of DELTABEAM® Composite Beams and prefabricated slabs or decks only requires a crew of five people. In tight urban spaces and remote areas experiencing a shortage of labor, it is the perfect solution.

Design Versatility 

DELTABEAM® Composite Beam's versatility is one of its key attributes. Depending on design requirements, we can combine our structural solution with hollow-core slabs, long span metal decks, or mass timber slabs.

Christine Millar

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Peikko Canada Inc.

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