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Maximize Design Efficiency and Beam Support by using PCs® Corbel

June, 8, 2022

A PCs® Corbel is a modular corbel featuring a cast-in part that allows for straight mold walls and a bolted bracket offering superior adjustability and resistance. The PCs® Corbel system helps achieve maximum floor height while creating visually appealing beam-column connections in residential buildings. 
The PCs® Corbel can be used as vertical support for steel beams, hybrid beams, reinforced concrete beams as well as walls.

A corbel plate is bolted to a machined steel column plate which is then incorporated into the column. Together with the main reinforcement, the column plate is cast into the column, and then the corbel plate becomes attached to the column once the formwork is removed. You can connect as many beams to the columns as the cross-section allows using this system.

The dimensions are designed so that their position in relation to the column plate can easily be adjusted. As soon as the corbel plate is bolted to the column plate, PCs® Corbel is ready for use without having to weld or wedge it.

Up to 1,500 kN of vertical loads can be supported by standard PCs® models. A PCs® Corbel is guaranteed to provide these levels of resistance when supporting steel, composite, and concrete beams. When supporting steel and composite beams with PCs® Corbels, torsion resistance is also assured.

With a PCs® Corbel, you are able to drop your beams without worrying about conflicts, as the assembly automatically becomes flush when the beams drop making it the most innovative corbel available on the market today.

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Christine Millar

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Peikko Canada Inc.

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