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Hybrid construction with DELTABEAM® - Long Span Metal Deck

Using DELTABEAM® With Long Span Metal Deck

DELTABEAM® and Long Span Metal Deck work together to provide a fast and efficient construction process.


Ideal for: Hotels, Multi-Story Buildings, Long Term Care Facilities, Multi-Family Residential Units, Retro-Fits & Mezzanines, Healthcare, Schools, Office Buildings.


A slim floor lowers floor-to-floor heights and also makes HVAC installations easy and cost-efficient. The underside of the long span metal deck can be left exposed and painted. By combining DELTABEAM® with long span metal deck, a complete assembly sratring at 8 inches deep is achievable.


DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure and its long spans allow you to create open spaces with spans of over 30 feet. The long spans in both directions mean fewer columns are needed.


DELTABEAM® comes with built-in fire resistance and eliminates the need for on-site fireproofing. DELTABEAM® and COMSLAB® have a 2-hour UL assembly listing (E903).


DELTABEAM® enables slim floors for multi-story buildings of any type and open spaces can be designed regardless of their architectural complexity. Each DELTABEAM® is uniquely designed and manufactured while the flawless fit and pre-designed, standardized connections make the structure extremely fast to erect. Choosing DELTABEAM® for your next building project means flexible layouts and more floors for a given height of a building.

Reduced floor-to-floor height leads to overall lower building height or additional floor(s) for the same building height.

Beam embedded within the floor depth to allow for shallowest floor assembly.